When duty calls, the brave respond to fight for freedom's sake. But those they leave in the land of the free are ridden with heartache. And every night as someone's dad is praying to survive.  Back in the States, his child wonders if he is still alive.

Day after day, week after week, year after drawn-out year. The families of heroes hold a deep breath and dreadful fear.  For any day, at any time, they could receive word.  That awful news from overseas, their greatest fears confirmed. 

A soldier's wife dreads everyday that she will get the call.  How could she possibly go on if her husband should fall?  She holds onto the hope that he'll survive and come back home. But what if something happens and she is left all on her own?  

A young boy lies awake at night, the fear driving him mad. The constantly knowing what is happening to his dad.  He prays, "Dear God, I bed of you, please hear my one request:  I want my Daddy back at home, returning with the rest."

Meanwhile, across the ocean as his wife and children fear.  A soldier cries for those he loves, wishing he could be near.  But he cannot return yet; his task is not yet done.  He's fighting for his family, and he won't​ stop "till he's won." â€‹

It isn't just a sacrifice; they give up so much, too.

A family works for the future of the red and white and blue.

Together they are shaping what America will be.

Ensuring that their children will live in the land of the free.

​-Ben Gremillion